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strace mount --rprivate /

Sometimes I have trouble finding the information I’m looking for in the Linux man pages.

Recently, I wanted to do the equivalent of the following mount(8) command in Go using the mount(2) syscall:

mount --make-rprivate /

The signature of mount(2) looks like this:

int mount(const char *source, const char *target,
          const char *filesystemtype, unsigned long mountflags,
          const void *data);

--make-rprivate will translate to mountflags and / is the target.

But I wasn’t sure if the mount --make-rprivate / command would make some assumptions or gather information about the current state of the mount to fill in the other fields.

man 8 mount didn’t seem to say.

So, I just used strace to see for myself:

$ strace mount --make-rprivate /
mount("none", "/", NULL, MS_REC|MS_PRIVATE, NULL) = 0

And there it was, dummy/null values for source, filesystemtype, and data.

Later, with a fresh pair of eyes and a cup of coffee, I read the mount(2) man pages:

Changing the propagation type of an existing mount

    The source, filesystemtype, and data arguments are ignored.

This makes sense; the command changes the propagation type, so what purpose would the other arguments have?

Published on Sep 13 2018