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Containers from scratch

I’ve owned a Docker t-shirt since 2016. Occasionally, when I wear it, people ask me about Docker.

Until recently, I haven’t had much to say; the company I worked for in 2016 had hosted a Docker meetup and gave the leftover t-shirts to employees.

Since then, I haven’t used Docker in a significant way at work or in personal projects (though, that is changing).

Although the container hype has died down a bit and it’s now criminal to include stock photos of shipping containers in blog posts about Docker, I decided to learn about the technology behind them by writing my own!

I’d previously explored connecting to the Internet from a network namespace, but this project covers more ground. It also led to a few other posts.

Its README is fairly comprehensive and includes asciicast demos, so I won’t write much about it here.

Published on Sep 20 2018